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“Your classes have been very popular and well received, and I think a continued relationship will be a benefit to us all.  Thanks for being part of our team!  ” — LL “This being our first interaction with you, I would like to thank you again for your inspiring seminar last night. Listening to you had me at the verge of tears a few times, realizing that I wasn't far off in my thoughts about certain things that I have experienced during my life. I also experienced many ‘ah ha’ moments! Your sincerity and the humour used to get points across were greatly appreciated” — BU “I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar! It was such a fun evening. I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by.” — TR
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PARTIES AND WORKSHOPS PLANNING ON HAVING A PARTY? Andrea Claire provides special rates for parties (maximum of 5 people). Get a group of your friends together and enjoy a unique experience! For parties of TWO TO MAXIMUM FIVE people: Enjoy a 30-minute private reading with Andrea Claire at a discounted rate. Each reading is digitally recorded for your convenience, and each person in your party will receive a CD at the end of their session. Sit back, relax, and get answers to those questions that have been on your mind! Party rates are $70.00/person for a 30-minute reading. NEW FOR 2016– INTRODUCING THE PARTY LINE!!!! Host a party with your friends, and instead of traveling to your home, Andrea Claire will read you each BY PHONE! Note: You and your friends can be anywhere in the country! People are often amazed that readings can be performed by phone. Rest assured that phone readings are just as accurate as readings done in person. The phone merely provides a different way of “connecting” with you and your energy, to deliver messages for your highest and greatest good. Maybe you don’t want to host a party at your house?Then simply arrange for two or more (unlimited!!) friends to individually book and pay for a 30-minute PHONE reading, and you will all receive the PARTY LINE rate!! Sessions will be booked to accommodate your schedule. Your individual CDs will be sent to you in the mail. Party line rates are $70.00/person for a 30-minute reading. GROUP PARTY READINGS! Andrea Claire will come to your home and deliver messages to a group of people (as opposed to individual readings). These sessions are NOT recorded, but you are more than welcome to record them on your own. Rates are $120.00/hr. PRIVATE WORKSHOPS A captivating inspirational speaker, Andrea Claire’s workshops are always enlightening and a whole lot of fun! Expect a few “light bulb” moments as she guides you and challenges you to alter your perceptions of “all that is”, and discover new ways to empower yourself to confidently make changes in your life! Andrea Claire also conducts seminars in conjunction with the City of St Catharines. Please look online for the City of St Catharines Leisure Guides to see what classes she will be holding. If you are interested in receiving invitations to her private events, or have some ideas for seminars you’d like Andrea Claire to hold, please email   We are always looking for new suggestions and opportunities to be of service
Parties and Workshops