A natural and gifted Psychic Medium, Andrea Claire easily connects to Spirit and channels their messages  of love and guidance.  Andrea Claire is compassionate and candid, and her readings provide comfort,  inspiration, direction and clarity.  Her special gifts also allow her clients the rare opportunity to reconnect  with Loved Ones who have passed away.
“These reunions are always touching and heartfelt.  There is an opportunity for closure and to relive special memories.  My form of mediumship clearly demonstrates the continuation of life after life, and proves that those who have passed are still closely connected to us, watching over us with love.”  -  Andrea Claire
While Psychics read the energy around living people or objects, they do not connect with Spirit (discarnate loved ones, Spirit Guides, Angels).  A select few are truly blessed to be Psychic Mediums. A Psychic Medium not only senses and reads energy, but also interfaces between the slower vibrations of the physical world and the much faster vibrations of the Spirit world.  When that vibrational connection is made, information flows between the two realms clearly and effortlessly. Some of the more famous Psychic Mediums who have brought mediumship into the public eye include John Edward, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne.
While most Psychic Mediums may have inherited this propensity from their parents or grandparents, Andrea Claire is at least 5th generation psychic; the legacy stemming from both sides of her family treeAndrea Claire’s mediumistic gifts include clairvoyance (clear seeing),  clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairailience (clear sensing through smell), clairgustance (clear sensing through taste), claircognizance (clear knowing or understanding), and clairempathy (clearly and directly experiencing other people’s emotions, thoughts and symptoms).  Using a combination of these gifts, Andrea Claire channels messages from Loved ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides on the other side.  As well, she is also able to provide psychic readings … concerning the client’s past, present, future, relationships, health, wealth, career, etc.
Andrea Claire sets the intention that only the Highest and Best come through for her client, to give messages for their greatest good.  Then she “steps aside”, so to speak, and allows the information to flow.  She is grateful that her private practice continues to grow through positive referrals.  Thank you!
Andrea Claire is a woman of integrity, and you can rest assured that all information that comes through in a reading is kept totally confidential.  The bond of trust that is created between herself and her clientele will never be breached
Because her unique form of mediumship only requires making an energetic “connection” with the client, Andrea Claire gives readings in person and by phone.  She also is available to do psychic parties, and offers special rates for parties (maximum four people).
“Lets face it.  Every one of us gets “stuck” from time to time.  My readings bring clarity about your past, your loved ones, you’re relationships and your future.  If you’re searching for hope, inspiration and direction, a reading can guide you in moments of stress and indecision.  All messages come through with love from Spirit.  Remember that knowledge is power, and the truth will always set you free.” - Andrea Claire
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