I was totally astounded with your abilities / gifts. You did provide me a reading, which was my first experience with this. Your accuracy was bang on.  AG   You, my friend, are so gifted.  I transcribed the taped reading to notes, and refer to them quite often. They keep me focused and pumped to keep moving forward.  CM Andrea, I thank you for the reading yesterday - from talking about dad, mom, my uncle who came through (boy, that was something), and my work.  I enjoyed the class last night and your insights were amazing.  DB “…things are moving and shaking in my life now…especially for my boyfriend. The messages that you were sent during my reading are all coming true.” — KB “You said that he would be right around the corner...and he was – my neighbour!!!   Everything you told me was bang on.” — LR “Your reading is a gift that just keeps giving.” — DB “You also gave me some answers and clarity around last years events. Thank you!” — KZ “I feel wonderful, it meant a lot that I could communicate with my mother.” — AS “This being our first interaction with you, I would like to thank you again for your inspiring seminar last night. Listening to you had me at the verge of tears a few times, realizing that I wasn't far off in my thoughts about certain things that I have experienced during my life.” — BU
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