A charismatic and inspiring leader, Andrea Claire draws upon her strong intuitive gifts, unique spiritual insights and personal experiences to successfully counsel and motivate others to heal and move forward in life.  She is a Psychic Medium, Personal Counsellor, Intuitive Colour Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Workshop Leader. Andrea Claire is well-equipped to coach and inspire others to live their lives in full colour!  She notes that throughout her life, she has either consciously or inadvertently thrown herself into a variety of experiences – some positive, some not so positive – and navigated through them successfully.  This gives her a charmingly empathetic and nonjudgmental stance as she advises others.
“I strive to come from a place of compassion and empathy.  Because I’ve “been there and done that. I will not judge others.  Instead, I draw upon my personal life lessons and successes to empower, coach and counsel my clients through their own issues.  One should never lose hope!”
Andrea Claire’s various workshops are a tremendous success.  Seminars such as “Adventures of a Psychic Medium”, “Flexing Your Intuitive Muscle”, and “What’s the Secret? (Law of Attraction)” continue to be booked to full capacity.  She also offers seminars on “Life After Life”, “An Attitude of Gratitude” and “Manifesting Your Mate”. Always buoyed by her unwavering faith, Andrea Claire knows the importance of “letting go” of certain people and situations in order to consciously create a life of fulfillment.  Her innate psychic and mediumship talents are gifts of service to others, and she strives to use them to successfully counsel those looking for truth and clarity in their own lives.
“ Life is meant to be an exciting and sometimes daunting journey of growth and self-discovery.  Challenges and obstacles are purposely set before us as opportunities to learn, expand, and grow.  How we work through these tests ultimately determines our perception and experience of life.”  -  Andrea Claire
Live your life in full colour!
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